Thursday, 3 September 2015

Painful Day To Remember At Edinburgh Sheriff Court!

It's about a painful day had happened to me on the 18th of December 2014 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Somehow I had a small claim against EE company as I wasn't happy with my handset.
And after I had raised an action EE did change the handset for me. But instead EE solicitor sent me a discharge letter to sign.  Also, let the court know with the discharge. However, EE has done nothing of that's. Then the Edinburgh Sheriff Court has sent me a letter asking me to appear otherwise the court will charge me.

I was extremely ill for ten days since 31st of November. So I did not know that EE Solicitor hasn't got in touch with the court. Then when I got better, I realized I had to go to the court on 18th of November, which I did.
I have waited a long time for my case. It was lots of people over there and lots of cases.

The Edinburgh Sheriff Court is a massive building, and it was December. The central heater was off, and because I was fragile as I was ill for ten days before hand. And I already suffer from a few health issue. Suddenly A pain has started on my artificial right hip; then the pain turned to agony. And that's while I was waiting the court to call my name. When they called my name, I couldn't walk. I was touching the seats to reach there.  And everyone can easy see that I was in Agony. However the judge ( I will display her name) tried her best not to allow me to speak. Mind the reader I was sitting there for a long time and witness how was the same judge allow the some other to talk.
But I have tried to cross the judge and let her know that I was in agony even she knows already because very easy to see that.
She had done nothing but said "we're all sitting in the same room, and no one is complaining!".
But the fact that is the central heating was off, and the courtroom was freezing.
Then I had to leave finding my way by touching seats because of the agony I was.

I then stepped out of the courtroom; I was crying loudly like a five years old. Then a security guard that I thought he's a good one, he approached "what's wrong?" he asked.
"I'm in agony, and I only need heat for 10 minutes then I go home" I replied.
 I was shaking I never experienced this all my life.
Then the security guard asked me to stand beside the radiator. I should have known from this one that he's only a bad person, and I shouldn't listen to him.
"There is no heat in the whole building, let alone this radiator!" I said.
"let me take you to social work department who can offer you a heat," he said.
And let me remind the reader that I was in agony crying loudly like five years old. It took from me more pain to go to the another floor even using the left with the security guard with me, and then he left to the social work department before me to let them know.

At the Social Work Department, one of the two ladies who were there Has approached me. She told me in a very disgusting way while I was crying loudly from agony
" You go to your house the same way you came downstairs."
Mind the reader that all I wanted heat for ten minutes. And the fact that's was, every room has one.
"Please I only need heat for 10 minutes," I said.
She declined to have any heat, I then asked the security guard to go to the civil department And ask for a heater. It takes like ten minutes until he came back. During that time, I was loudly crying as I said like five years old. And the two ladies at the social work department were looking at me enjoying. They even have a kitchen inside the office including an oven!
The security guard came back telling me that the civil department has no heater, and I know that was lies.
Then the Security Guard has suggested to take me to a tiny room on the ground floor.  He said it was a warm place.  So we both went there using the left.
Yes, it took a lot of pain and agony to move but at the end I arrived there. I entered that tiny room with the Security Guard.  I was crying, and all I needed is a heat. A woman doesn't know who is she shouted at me disgustingly "you're not allowed here".
Then one second after, a foolish Security Guard came to me shouting at me "You are not permitted in this room".
"I didn't come to this room by myself; it's him who brought me." I snapped back and had pointed my finger to the security guard who brought me into this tiny room.
Then both of them had to shut up, and I had to find my way to leave that little room.

Leaving that's room mean that I was on the ground floor. At the ground floor, there are lots of staffs. Some of them are police staff, and other are security guard staff. And for more than an hour and while I was crying both the police officers and the security workers were shouting at me to leave the building. Or threaten me to arrest me. One of the police who his number was 4704 touched me from my arm, to try to take me out of the building. Despite I was shouting from the pain, can't walk quickly, and telling everyone, do not touch me.

Then, I have reached the security place where they can check us before we enter the building. I found that a heater was there at the security guards table. I was shocked. And despite my pain I took a few photos (below) using my mobile. Then they told me while they were laughing that they have a heater, and they won't allowed me to use it.
The security guard and the police kept doing the same with me laughing at me, shouting at me to leave and threaten me to arrested me for an hour.

I then called a taxi; it's taken from me nearly ten minutes to enter the taxi and ten minutes to leave it.

I have arrived the building where I live. It took from me ages to reach my house. A Chines Ladies heard me crying, so she came and helped me.
I have spent That evening which was Thursday 18th of December and Friday 19th of December, shouting and screaming inside my house of the pain.

Then on Saturday 20th of December morning I have realized that I have to call NHS.
It took a few calls and a few hours. Then the ambulance had arrived.
And when we reached Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, and after a simple checking, it agreed that's an emergency operation is required.

My problem was An infection in my artificial right hip. My pain was severe. And Quite clear to anyone that I was in Agony.

This story has happened to me while I was crying loudly from agony like five years old.

I had to go the court on 4th of September 2015, which mean two days ago. I had to submit some documents.
And after a few second of me entering the court building. I've been approached by two policemen.
One of them talked to me, and the other one didn't. The one who's talked to me, in fact, snapped at me has a number of 4770. He said what it meant that's I'm not allowed there unless for a reason. Then he added that's I have made troubles last time!!!

Oh My God! How on earth I have done troubles last time? I was in Agony and the staff including the security guard and the policemen who done all the troubles.